How much does a Tu-160 cost?

How much does a Tu-160 cost? The Tu-160M, which has since been renamed the Tu-160M, is the upgraded version of the Tu-160 bomber. In January 2018, President Vladimir Putin saw the official signing of the order for the construction of 10 new Tu-160M at the Kazan facility. Each new bomber at the time was estimated to cost $270 million per unit.

How good is Tu-160? The Tu-160 airframe holds 44 records and is the fastest and heaviest bomber to enter service worldwide with a speed exceeding Mach 2. It is also the only variable swept wing combat aircraft in production anywhere in the world today and has more powerful engines than any other combat aircraft.

How many Tu-160 are there? The maiden flight of the bomber was completed in December 1981, and it entered service with Ukrainian Long-Range Aviation in April 1987. Production has since restarted and a Tu-160 was delivered to the Russian Air Force in May 2000. A total of 36 aircraft were built, with only 17 currently in service in Russia.

How many bombs can 160 carry? 

Soviet Designation TU-160
Armament 12 H-55 or 24 H-15 missiles free falling bombs
Crew 4
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